Advertising articles

Advertising articles

We invite you to place advertorials on our website. Articles must adhere to some simple rules.

Rules for Placing Advertorials

  • The advertising agent is solely responsible for the content of the materials and their compliance with legal requirements.
  • The article must be in news format. The editorial team reserves the right to reject articles that do not comply with the editorial policy.
  • The article must be written in English and must not contain grammatical errors.
  • Mandatory elements: title (short and clear), text, one image (minimum 800x600px). The article cannot contain more than 3 links, 10 images, and 2 videos. Videos should be hosted on YouTube or similar platforms.
  • The editorial team will receive the article via email in document format or a link to the article published on other websites.


The article is placed for an unlimited time. Prices are in USD.

  • Article price: 20USD
  • Price per active link (dofollow): 5USD

Example: Placement of an article with 2 active links (dofollow): 20 + 5 * 2 = 30USD.


To place an advertising article, please contact us via email:

Currently, payments are only accepted through PayPal. We will send you an invoice for the payment of services.